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Phenomena from around the world, WeatherSpy is the first channel to provide high-definition, live footage of nature’s most impressive events.

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Our planet is an amazing and unpredictable place. The weather can be a force of nature that is both exhilarating and impactful. At WeatherSpy TV, we feature unbelievable weather phenomena from around the world in high-definition, live footage. This is the first channel of its kind to provide such an up-close and personal look at the power of Mother Nature.

From tornadoes and hurricanes to blizzards and wildfires, our coverage will leave you in awe of the destructive power of the weather. But it’s not all doom and gloom – we also feature some of the more beautiful aspects of the natural world, like stunning sunsets and picturesque snowscapes. No matter what your interests are, WeatherSpy has something for everyone.

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