KSBW is a television station in Salinas, California, serving as the ABC affiliate for the Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz market. The station is owned by Hearst Television.

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KSBW-TV is a television channel in Salinas, California. It is a local affiliate of the ABC network. The station is owned by Hearst Television.

KSBW-TV first went on the air on September 12, 1954. It was originally owned by the Central Coast Broadcasting Company. In those early days, it was a primary NBC affiliate, but also carried programming from ABC and DuMont.

In 1956, KSBW became an ABC affiliate after DuMont ceased operations. In 1968, Central Coast Broadcasting was sold to Liberty Newspapers. The new owners changed the call letters to KSBW-TV to match their radio station, KSBW.

In 1986, Liberty Newspapers sold KSBW-TV to Gannett. Gannett then sold the station to Hearst Television in 1999. Hearst has owned the station ever since.

KSBW-TV has been a rating powerhouse in the Monterey-Salinas market for many years. The station’s newscasts routinely finish first in the ratings among all stations in the market, regardless of network affiliation.

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